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Protect your boat and personal watercraft.

 Boats and personal watercraft are big purchases, but if you love being on the water, you know they’re worth it.

Insure your boat against damage and loss caused by risks like storms, sinking, theft, fire or collision. Whether you own a fishing boat, sailboat, pontoon boat, ski-surf boat, or other types of recreational watercraft, our policy has coverage options to fit your needs.

Examples of what Boat and Watercraft Insurance covers:

  • Physical damage to the boat and its hull
  • Boat motor(s)
  • Described boat equipment
  • Boat trailer (upon request)
  • Liability coverage for injuries or property damage caused by individuals operating the boat

Texas is big! It’s filled with diverse people, environments, weather, and homes. With so many different ways to live, your insurance needs to be flexible enough to cover the way you live. Kelley Insurance Agency, offers a variety of customizable property and liability insurance products, coverages, and endorsements. Our staff is here to help when you are considering our Boat Insurance | Watercraft Insurance coverages.

Boat Insurance | Watercraft Insurance
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