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Kelley Insurance Agency offers the best motorcycle insurance  from Progressive, by giving our riders "the basics." You’re passionate about your bike, so we dig deeper to offer a wide range of coverages and discounts for customized protection. 

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Affordable motorcycle insurance to keep you on the open road

No matter the type, we’ll help you insure it

If it's cool enough for you to ride, it's cool enough for us to cover. Here are a few common types of motorcycles that we insure:


Off-roading vehicles that usually have four wheels (but can have up to eight)


The most common type of motorcycle, usually sporting a V-twin and full-view engine

Custom bikes

Motorcycles custom-built by a manufacturer, shop, or yourself

Dirt bikes

Lightweight motorcycles with rugged tires and enhanced suspension

Texas is big! It’s filled with diverse people, environments, weather, and homes. With so many different ways to live, your insurance needs to be flexible enough to cover the way you live. Kelley Insurance Agency, offers a variety of customizable property and liability insurance products, coverages, and endorsements. Our staff is here to help when you are considering our Motorcycle Insurance coverages.

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