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Jul 22, 2021  |
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Learn how to prepare you and your family for an emergency by creating a wildfire evacuation plan. If you decide to evacuate, or if a government mandate is issued, it can all happen quickly, leaving you little time to gather your family and...

Jan 27, 2021  |
All Blogs Auto / Travel  |

Roadside assistance is a common optional addition to your personal auto insurance. Learn more about what it covers and how it works! Got a flat tire? A dead battery? Maybe your vehicle just stopped and you don't know why! Whatever the case may...

by Geoff Ullrich
About the Author: Geoff Ullrich is a writer and Content Marketing Specialist at Germania Insurance.

Insurer Insights

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Texas is big! It’s filled with diverse people, environments, weather, and homes. With so many different ways to live, your insurance needs to be flexible enough to cover the way you live. Kelley Insurance Agency, offers a variety of customizable property and liability insurance products, coverages, and endorsements. Our staff is here to help when you are considering our coverages.

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